Meanwhile remove the plastic tab from the loaf of bread marked $1.55.  Pick a seed free and eat it first.  Scoop avocado from its skin and spread it coarsely across the bread.  Slice a tomato and think about him, smiling.  Drink Protein Pick‑Up and eat a plum.  Wonder about the value of fruit in the morning.  About the general course of things and what you are doing with the balance of your life.  Eat tuna from a can and feel catlike, capable of a little craziness, but not committed to it.  Wrap morning around you like a slow dream.  Leave the curtains closed, the day not ungreeted, but embraced differently.  Take the risk of knowing that neither the vision nor the verb telling it is unique.  If there is only one story, which one is it?  Was it told first to God?