Most of these poems have not been seen before by anyone still alive. I found them on the hard drive of her laptop mostly typed in Wordstar, her preferred writing tool after handwriting. I’ve left them as she left them, correcting only an occasional typo. Some of them read more like diary entries with line breaks, some she no doubt would have left out. I left a couple out myself, but I find the whole story, what there is here, to be worth the read, thus the chronology. The “titles”–2001/dastardly–at the top of each page are really just identifiers, and I’ve left them, not wanting to make choices she didn’t make. I’m aware that some other editor, less close to her than I, might–would no doubt–make other choices. For now I just want to get them where people can see them if they wish, and where I can read them wherever I am.