Flash met Nails at thirtieth and Meade
helpin’ a lady get rid of his seed.
Soon as he could he turned right around
drove his Mercedes to her side of town,
came flashin’ then crashin’ right on in
with his best bereted bush and a flashier grin.
Said baby like a sodderin’ iron in a river drizzle,
I see you comin’ and I start to sizzle.

The years went by and Flash kept on cruisin’
Nails got hip, her heart stopped a bruisin’.
When Flash flipped back through
she said I knew about Shine before I knew you,
the dozens, and signifying monkey too.
So take your bush back to that patch across town
’cause your sizzle ain’t worth wearin’
my batteries down.


You asked me to write a poem about us,
what’s there to say?
I’ll trade a framed copy
of Any Woman’s Blues
for the Pasadena watermelon man
and call it even.