Mary Margaret, do you have your water proof matches today?
Gotta have ’em with you if you wanta play.
Mary Margaret with you blue jeans on,
don’t you know that camping is a lot of fun?

Oh, Mary Margaret do you have
your water proof matches today?

Do you have baking powder in a little plastic box?
Do you have lip-protecting balm and three extra pair of socks?
Did you put a label on everything you own,
have you worked your mama’s fingers right down to the bone?

Oh, Mary Margaret do you have water proof matches,
your galoshes, your raincoat, your life tied up in batches?
Did you take three weeks in stores all over the city
gettin’ ready for a week-end in the country where it’s pretty?

Oh, Mary Margaret do you want play,
get snake bite and frost bite, have cold breakfast in a bag,
meet Marine sergeant women and catch live worms,
get cold sores, and bed bugs and a head full of germs.

Mary Margaret forget what they used to say
that strikin’ matches ain’t no way to play.
Bring your water proof matches and come on along,
we’ll eat junk food, tell bad stories and sing dumb songs.