I dream of a life
anonymous but safe
A sort of witness
relocation program
Sammy the Bull on a
common scale
Though I will use
my own name
and perhaps have a phone
I can’t quite be sure.
I am living in San Luis Obispo
it is always
where I dream of going
because it is at that point
on the drive where my body
relaxes into the terrain
where the shape of the mountains
feels right, the vegetation thickens,
the air has a hint of dew
It is a royal beating dream I dream
the kind it takes a royal beating to inspire
a little house on a tree-lined street
and I am very careful about
who follows me home from the coffee shop
It is coffee shop there, not a coffee house
I will have trouble getting the tea I drink
I will have to take a stock with me.
so Must add that to my list
of personal necessities.
Tea or not I will be glad
for the life I have
clean and honest
where I can afford the
price I pay to live it.