Yes, I am driving north on
Highway 15

Yes, my candle burns

the oscillating fan oscillates

Yes, I place pink sweet peas in
a cream-colored dijon jar
upon the lace cloth

Yes, I snap my finers
Yes, I dance across
the living room floor
yes, I feel dirt beneath my feet as
I do
yes, the cat sleeps on the mat
yes, I see lobelia in the window box

Yes, I clap my hands

Yes, I feel the late day breeze
on my skin

Yes, it feels so good – I do it
until my hands get sore

Yes, I raise myself up on my tip toes

Yes, I flutter my fingers

Yes, I slide a black feather
up and down my arm

across my chest
around my neck
yes, yes, yes

Yes, I wrap myself up in brown
chenille cord –

like a present
yes –

Yes, I think of the avocets we saw
and say the word out loud

Yes, I am drinking Vata tea
just because it’s right
for me
vata vata vata just like me
Yes, the day is nearly done
Yes, I walk slowly through the room
I sit down upon my knees

Yes, I kneel down before the
pink sweet peas

Yes, I watch the pine brush itself
against the eucalyptus

Yes, I feel stillness, movement’s
Yes, yes, yes

Yes, I am descending down Lake Dr.
deep into the dark oaks

Yes, the cat sleeps, listening to music
Yes, my calves get sore