Trees in the House

Driving down the freeway
I was thinking about my great exuberance
to have my christmas tree in the house
about how happy I was to be able to bring the
trees inside

Kind of the way a small child would be happy
to get to sleep with his puppy
in his bed
look the trees are in the house

A caroling party
a big Del Dios event,
as the least little
thing in Del Dios is
A clear night with
childhood constellations
We Trek to the top of Juniper
to the rather reputable
wood house I have always liked,
the one with wood trim
People come to their doors
with cookies,
in Christmas tops
and red sweaters.
Mrs. Hernandez emerges
from her brightly lit house
to sing with us.
Across the neighborhood
across the neighborhood
the dogs begin to bark,
and someone says
They don’t call it
Dog Dios for nothing.
Yes, it is aptly named.