1,000 Details: A Christmas Poem

Replace silverware drainer
club soda
do test bread
6 small flower pots
comparison breads
pick up clay bakers
exchange toy for toy drive
gallon apple cider
deliver apple cider to work party
Play Co. to check on easels
order lake shore easel if needed
Target for boxes: frog pitcher & gourd
wrap presents
find shipping boxes
box presents to mail
track down software company
find out about voice-activated equipment
check out antique store shaker
Office Depot for chair
get day book pages
herb calendar
replace tuner
make tape for Portofino
re-do packet/wider margins
mail pumpkin soup recipe to Monterey poet
write to P.G. photographer
go over Shirts and mail to Jim
Call Joann re: massage
call Patrick for Rosy’s phone number
massage appointment
appointment with Dr. Tom
UFO – velvet fabric and tapestry
ask about piping
call Juan
call kensingon upholsters
Return towels
bathtub drip
borrow wire cutters
cover rat holes
take root weevil to nursery
repot herb tubs?
plant lettuce
feed orchids
find meadow mix
buy fuschias
plant something in bed rake back yard and plant
empty barrels and move
transplant lions’ ear
wipe off plastic bags and put away
red candles
finish cards
bow on wreath
write oregon essay
clean desk
buy shield
two coats on ugg boots
order next batch of lessons
panty hose
what to wear to office party
talk to kathy about frames for photo quilt
get together with john
order wright book
wheels for Henry
cloth for henry