Rain on the leaves
spider webs on the windows.
I hesitate to enter the day –
a moment when it seems
I have to stop
and start all over.
I need to shampoo,
my nail are raggy.
The holidays threaten
as does the weather.

Is the music I’m listening
to too soft?
I always have trouble with balance.
Three days ago too much was
today there is an unmotivating

I give in at last
and start a fire,
the first of the season.
Liftiing the wood
from beneath the house
in the drizzle
I think how much
I love living here
as I always do
when bringing in wood
how much the carrying in wood
llfe suits me.

If I fail to recall this
things take on a bit of pallor.
Clipping herbs for lunch,
suddenly I notice
I am singing.
I hear a neighbor
chopping wood in the distance,
tires on the wet road,
the cat batting the bamboo
wind chime.