I have no doubt
that She will give me
the problem is
I think that she
means poems,
things like that creativity.
the problem is
I think He has
all the money.

I need to re-create
my concept ion of who
She is. A tycoon.
of sorts. In fact
that is a lie.
I merely have to
pay attention,
which is always
the case.

vroom, vroom
I walk through
the house saying,
trying to convince
him of my frugality
I need an acelator margin
to work with,
first she sends cheap
insurance, and when I move
on to a scheme to shut
down his storage garage.
a free shed. You haul
you got the ad says.
Vroom. Vroom.
I’ve got my first
monthly hundred
and working up to two.
Financial freedom
is my goal,
so long as it doesn’t
mean I have to work,
but which I mean
of course,
get a job at something
other than what I do.

I think She’d like that to see me secured.
Off the streets at
while I’m still
I think she’d like
to see me wield power
when I choose to,
not to bullied by the
guys who have the cash.
just look at how she
leveraged her resources,
she made a world
from nothing.
I too have talent
for that.