I want to go
I have never
I want to go
there alone.
And perhaps
I want to spend
one month a year
in a place
I do not live.
With just a
month’s project,
though probably
I would take
two or three.
Only the necessities,
a couple jeans
and a skirt.
My favorite fork,
because that would
not be too much
to take.
The two green
plates I like,
my favorite bowls.
Though if I were
going alone,
it’s true
I could get by
with one of each.
Just my laptop,
and camera
and video.
The tripod,
my music stand,
the CD player
I keep on my desk.
I do not want
the distractions
of my usual

My basket of
percussion toys,
the rivet frog
I love to whack,
My favorite music,
my walking stick.

Just the necessities.
Nag champa incense
and oil.
Some kind of altar
ought to go.
White musk.
Sunflower oil
and ghee.
Surely my Indian
My stainless container
for spices,
my basket of herbs.
Could I get by
that long without
my Cuisinart
I don’t think
Luckily, I like
to live lean,
that’s all I’d have
to take.
Except I’d want my
sheets & towels,
’cause I like
cotton –
and white.
It’s good to live
this simple life
I’ve spent decades
it’s so much
easier to leave