A postal clerk
sits on the sofa
reaing a book
called successful
You have to wish
him well,
hope he succeeds
in his dream.
It is one p.m.
he has already
done one day’s
and is preparing
for another.
That is the way
artist live,
working hard,
two jobs,
so that they
can be seen
as trifling
and irresponsible.
People are stupid,
and do not know
what that life
but that does nto
matter as long
as you can hold up,
sustain the energy
to keep going.
what matters is
being kept from
the thing you need
to get to,
but as long as you
are connected to that
you can work the
two jobs,
drive taxis,
sell books,
vend and dig
hammer and nail
plumb, build,
An artist’s life
I loved that song,
before I knew
its name,
or became an artist I think that speaks
its power.
I said one time
to sherley,
things about how
my life was
with not one wit
of money
and going to do
a reading,
and she said
that just speaks
to the strength
of your calling.
I never forgot
those few words
and thought of
them from time
to time when
things got hard,
and it kept me
as only words
can, as only
the thing you
need to get to