The curtains
I bought shrunk.
A consumer’s life
is hell –
I like it best
when I don’t
have to shop
at all.
Everything has
to go back
Curtain rods,
& pillows
things don’t
fit or look
quite right
in the light.
I keep trying
to take the
simple & easy
but seem
to have trouble
finding it.
They never have
the plain thing
I want.
It always means
an extra trip.
I always fear
when a good
thing goes
& the pilgrimmage
has to begin
for bras that
don’t bind,
& shoes wide
some people shop
but I have
this need
to touch
& feel
& things have
a life of their
own you can’t
tell from a
photo. You have to be
with it in
a room
to know.