The Damage Done by Emily, Albeit Unwittingly:

One might say
that being out
of sync with time
is a sign of
that the world
has simply
not caught up
Yeah. One might.
But what would
be the point?
What would it
except to alert
the listener
to your arrogance?
It wouldn’t mean
the thing you
want is suddenly
there for the taking,
it wouldn’t loosen
the leaden weight
of waiting
from your cells,
your thighs,
your elbows bent
in the same position
for twenty years:
Here I have this
to give,
this is what I need
to take.
It would accomplish
none of that.
Would yield no gratification,
no fulfillment.
You walk the perimeter
of the yard,
where you are caged.
Not owning a white
or wanting to.
And realize
there is no