I need a new life,
the old one started
to die away
nearly a decade
ago –
friend by friend,
place by place,
until I was left
sitting with only my papers,
and things I didn’t need
or want any more.
Now what,
I often ask.
Where do I go from here,
I wrote upon the wall
beneath the photo of a vehicle
I would never own,
but liked for its name.
At night I make vows
I forget to follow,
or see differently,
in sunlight.
I’m tired of trying
to make something
new from the same
old stuff,
there’s nothing new
under the sun,
I wait for moonlight
to see what she brings,
it’s supposed to be
for my body type
to stroll beneath
its glow,
but I don’t walk
at night,
forget to even think
of it,
and so can’t see how
to shake things up,
how to begin