All the doors stand open,
the fan blowing to suck in
the early morning air.
In less than an hour
the sun will break through.
An hour later the bedroom
will be too hot to bear.
I try to make the bed by seven,
spraying the linens with vinegar
to deter the ants,
I think it works.
At least I feel better.
I spray the vinegar
on myself as well,
and on the toilet too.
The ants bite.
Vicious Argentine ants
that make summer more of a hell
then it already is,
I always dream
of being gone for summer
but have not yet evolved
to that high an art of selfishness.
Instead there’s one or two
piddly weeks of vacation,
never more than a week at a time.
More work than they’re worth,
as so many things are.