The week
flies by –
“My, how
time flies,”
they used
to say.
A puzzling
to a child,
though I knew
what they meant.

The big sign
of age,
a billboard
on the outskirts
saying: Welcome.
I bought a
pair of shoes
like shoes I
wore decades ago.
The fashion rule
is if you wore it
the first time
around, avoid
it the second.
I’m not sure
it applies to shoes.
Or if I care.
I buy any shoes
that fit – that
aren’t absurd.
That’s my rule.
I’ve never followed
rules, except my
own. And I’m
not sure right
now what they
I find myself
pausing to wonder:
Do I do that?
And I’m not sure.
Do I want that?
I don’t know.
My life like
a city I’m
visiting for the
first time.
Or its’ been
so long I don’t
remember it,
or it’s changed
so much I
don’t know
where I am.