I hear Jack leaving,
my 85 year-old neighbor.
Where does he go
at 8 a.m.,
and again at 5 or 6.
In his well-tended
turquoise truck,
backing slowly
and carefully out the
To breakfast with
his buddies,
2 eggs over easy
with biscuits and bacon,
at the local cafe.
Which one?
And later – is he
off to the VFW Hall
for bourbon on the
or is it dinner,
the blue plate special –
do they still do that –
in the place
where he had breakfast,
or some other haunt.

He seems to live a more
active life than I do –
how hard is that?
The other night at 8 or 9,
hammering and
banging with his son
to put in a new garage
so he can keep
backing out.